The milkweed plant is now well-known for its importance to Monarch butterflies. But it was not long ago that it was known as a pest plant and noxious weed. We will take a detailed look at this actually beautiful wildflower in our area, and consider recent efforts to encourage its introduction and expansion in Ontario as a grassland prairie meadow plant species. Club members research and presentation.

Mining – The Environmental Cost

Mining of rock, ore and precious stones is an activity well known to Canadians. Infact it is responsible for much of our historical and contemporary wealth. Much of this activity occurs in Canada but also and increasingly in other countries in the world by Canadian Mining companies. This meeting will be a broad brush look at mining and practices and what impact this activity has on natural ecosystems, wildlife, water and other things here in Canada and abroad. Club members research and presentation.

Northern Lights

The night sky in the autumn is occasionally alive with turning, swirling colours in Georgina. We will investigate research and report on the Aurora Borealis here and in the far north. If anyone has good pictures please bring them to the meeting. Member researched and presentation evening.

Headwaters Protection of our Streams

As the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority completes its Policy Review focusing on wetlands, many of our (SLSN) comments in the process with Ecojustice Lawyers have been incorporated into the new Policy, assuming the LSRCA Board passes it. However, SLSN noted the absence of drainage feature guidelines or sufficient policy to ensure the protection of unconfined and non-apparent valley features, particularly protection of streams in drainage. In addition to protecting wetlands, protection of these headwater areas are crucial to ensuring the long term sustainability of the watershed. Headwaters provide a multitude of functions and alterations to these features can cause adverse impacts on both aquatic and terrestrial integrity in the watershed. This meeting will report on this problem in our area. P.H.

Winter Adaptations of Birds and Mammals

Our birds and mammals have evolved physical adaptations, behaviour strategies and skills to survive the coldest and snowiest winter weather that Southern Ontario can deliver. Hear some of the ways Chickadees to Snowshoe hares and more do this. Member researched and presentation evening.

Bird Houses

As the migratory birds arrive, and our Canadian birds that spend the winter here come into our area, they are preparing to nest and have young. Bird houses are one thing we can do to attract them to our properties and help them be successful. Hear and see what diversity there is in making and installing bird house. Bring some examples of them to the meeting. Member researched and presentation evening.

Adventure in South Africa

Club members Carol McDermott and Pat Stanojevic recently completed a Tour of South Africa visiting many areas of natural and cultural heritage. They will take us on a travelogue of their journey at the meeting. Do not miss this presentation!

Lake Simcoe Science Update

Paul Harpley will review current research for members.

Old Growth Forests : These forests are remnants of the once extensive, deep, and dark mature tree forests that once were widespread in Southern Ontario pre-European settlement. Members will research and report on them in the province and in our local area. Member researched and presentation evening.