South Lake Simcoe Naturalists

The South Lake Simcoe Naturalists (SLSN), a member club of Ontario Nature, is an active group of local residents who are dedicated to the conservation and protection of our natural environment with a focus in South Lake Simcoe and its watersheds. The club was formed in 1983 and has been working developing natural history study, nature outings, conservation projects, environmental sustainability and issues, interpretation and education. The health of Lake Simcoe and its tributary rivers has been a long-term focus of the organizations activities. Over many years the SLSN have contributed data to many research programs and inventory projects like the Atlas of Breeding Birds, the Atlas of Mammals of Ontario, Atlas of Reptiles and Amphibian, and other citizen science initiatives.

Members from northern York and Durham Regions and beyond meet regularly for research and presentation meetings, have special guest speaker’s presentations, and nature related outings like birding, general nature hikes, trips to special nature areas and nature focused meetings.

Natural heritage research and habitat restoration activities have been a consistent past involvement of the organization, and club activities were one of the first foundation efforts in the area to start restoration work in Lake Simcoe. The club has been an active participant in the Lake Simcoe watershed in research, public education and Federal and Provincial efforts in the Lake Simcoe area, culminating in key community contributions to the development of the Lake Simcoe Act and Plan. Members have published numerous articles, monographs and scientific papers. SLSN has partnered in the past with other research and public education organizations on project focused initiatives. Not an environmental activist group, the club’s foundation is in science, education and experiential recreation.

The SLSN  have a natural heritage research interest, and is involved with projects of a sister organization, the Zephyr Society of Lake Simcoe. Dedicated to wildlife observations and documentation in the South Lake Simcoe area the Zephyr Society operates a private Research Station. Information on wildlife and local places to recreate while birding or other nature related hiking are seasonally highlighted  by both organizations.

The SLSN organization typically has monthly meetings for members September to June, and has outings spring, summer and fall, advertised to members in the Talon Newsletter. Our yearly Annual Event usually takes place on an October evening. Before and after the featured presentation, members and guests can participate in a Silent Auction, soiree, purchase baked goods, view displays, and enjoy refreshments.

Contact: South Lake Simcoe Naturalists (SLSN). 6045 Frog Street, Pefferlaw, Ontario L0E 1N0.