Bird Deaths in Canada

Birds in Canada yearly face many serious threats to their lives. Below is a summary of key causes of their deaths below, recently quantified through scientific research in Canada (270 million deaths).

Sources of annual, human-related bird fatalities in Canada
Domestic and feral cats 196 million
Collisions with Power lines and electrocutions 26.1 million
Collisions with houses or buildings 24.8 million
Collisions with vehicles 13.8 million
Game bird hunting 4.7 million
Agricultural pesticides 2.7 million
Agricultural mowing 2.2 million young birds (equivalent to 1M adults)
Commercial forestry 1.4 million nests (equivalent to 900,000 adults)
Collisions with communications towers 20,000

Source: Richard Elliot, Director of Wildlife Research, Environment Canada. ONNATURE, Winter 2013/2014, pp. 38.